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    At the St. Louis Children’s and Washington University Heart Center, we care for more children with heart disease than any other center in the region. In many cases, we are creating the new standards of care for children with complex heart conditions.

    Established in 1986, St. Louis Children's Hospital pediatric heart transplant program has given new life to more than 380 patients, ranging in age from 3 days to 22 years. It is one of the most active pediatric heart transplant programs in the United States, with patients coming from as far away as Florida, Minnesota and Texas.

    The pediatric hematology program at St. Louis Children’s Hospital is the largest comprehensive program for children with blood diseases in the region. We provide state of the art care for children of all ages in an environment that is uniquely designed for the pediatric patient.

    St. Louis Children’s Hospital is an Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT) Center of Excellence that provides care to children in families with HHT.

    Through Wings, our Pediatric Palliative Care Program, children with a life-limiting illness receive extraordinary hospice care -- and their families receive extraordinary support. The program meets a range of physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

    At times, your child’s primary care physician may request that a specially-trained pediatrician, called a hospitalist, oversee your child’s care during his or her stay at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Learn about our hospitalist program, known as SHARP, and what you can expect during your child’s stay.