Surgical procedures are one of several treatments available for minimizing or eliminating seizures. 

For the approximately 25 – 30 percent of children with epilepsy who continue to have seizures after trying medicine (known as drug-resistant epilepsy or “medical intractability”), a surgical procedure may be a treatment option. 

Our team of specialists, including specialized doctors known as epileptologists and neurosurgeons, will evaluate if surgery can cure or improve your child’s seizures.  The team will evaluate two things:

  1. The part of the brain where your child’s seizures start, known as the “epileptogenic zone”
  2. How the epileptogenic zone relates to important body functions, like walking and talking.

They will get this information by talking with you to learn about your child’s medical and developmental history, completing a medical exam and conducting tests including an EEG study

Based on this evaluation, you and the team will decide if surgery is an option for your child and which surgical procedure is best.

Most experienced surgical team

The Washington University Pediatric Epilepsy Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital has the largest and most experienced pediatric epilepsy surgery team in the region.  Since the 1970s, we have pioneered pediatric epilepsy treatments and surgeries, and continue to work to develop and offer advanced surgical procedures with better outcomes. 

Since 2005, we have performed over 500 surgeries for pediatric epilepsy with excellent seizure freedom rates

Advanced surgical procedures

Our Epilepsy Center team specializes in the following surgical procedures: