Raising a child with autism or Asperger's syndrome presents special challenges. The Center for Families Resource Library can help.

We recommend the following websites for more information about these conditions:

The Center for Families Resource Library also has several books on Autism and Asperger's available for checkout. Below are some of the most popular titles. 

For adults:

  • Autism's false prophets / Paul Offit, 2008
  • Quirky, yes; hopeless, no: practical tips to help your child with Asperger's syndrome to be more socially accepted / Cynthia LaBrie Norall, 2009
  • An early start for your child with autism / Sally J. Rogers, Geraldine Dawson and Laurie Vismara, 2012
  • Getting the best for your child with autism: an expert's guide to treatment / Bryna Siegel, 2008
  • Can't eat, won't eat: dietary difficulties and autistic spectrum disorders / Brenda Legge, 2002
  • The social skills picture book: teaching play, emotion and communication to children with autism / Jen Baker, PhD, 2001

For children:

  • All my stripes: a story for children with autism / Shaian Rudolph and Danielle Royer, 2015
  • Russell's world: a story for kids about autism / Charles A. Amenta III, 2011
  • The autism acceptance book: being a friend to someone with autism / Ellen Sabin, 2006

You are also welcome to search our catalog for other titles.

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