Do I have to have a child who's a patient at the hospital to use the Center for Families Resource Library?

Anyone can use the Center or ask for information. Just make a request and we'll send information to you in the mail. We get lots of requests from teachers, school nurses, and parents in addition to patients and their families.

Do you really have any information that I can't find for myself online? 

We have access to medical journals and online databases which the general public does not. We can give you the latest research and information that may not be available for free online. Additionally, you know that the materials you get from us are from reliable and current sources.

Is the Center for Families Resource Library free? 

All of our services are free, whether you have a child who is a patient at Children's or not.  The Center for Families Resource Library is funded by generous donors to the St. Louis Children's Hospital Foundation. 

I filled out an information request form; how long until I get my information? 

We respond to requests within 2 business days.

How do I find a book in your collection? 

You can search our online catalog or call us at 314.454.2350. Of course, you're welcome to come in and browse the shelves. Free parking passes are provided.

Do you have books for children as well as adults? 

Yes, we have books and other resources about health-related topics for children, teens, and adults. Like other libraries, our checkout time is two weeks. Renewals are allowed. 

Where is the Center for Families Resource Library located? 

We're in Room 3S-12 (third floor), One Children's Place, St. Louis, MO 63110. When you get to the hospital, ask for directions at the main desk. Be sure to get a Visitor Badge.

I found a book. Do I have to read it at the Center for Families Resource Library, or can I check it out and take it with me? 

You may check out materials (even if you don't have a child who's a patient at the hospital). If you prefer to mail your items back, ask us for a return envelope. We also have a dropbox that you can use when the Center is closed.

My child is currently in the hospital so I've been spending a lot of time there. Do you have computers I can use? 

Computers are available for your use during your child's stay. We can also send and receive faxes or make photocopies for you. Feel free to drop by!