A cancer diagnosis is overwhelming, especially when it is your child. Dealing with your feelings, talking with your child about cancer, learning about the treatments can be a huge job. The future is uncertain and you have more questions than answers. The Center for Families Resource Library provides many resources to help you deal with your child’s cancer.

Use the Center for Families Resource Library’s Blood Counts interactive tutorial to educate yourself about RBC, WBC, ANC and many of the terms you will need to become familiar with.

Blood Counts – Understand the importance of the different components of your child’s blood. Learn how chemotherapy affects bone marrow and why your child is more susceptible to infection at certain times. This tutorial will help you learn how to calculate an ANC and understand the ongoing cycle of chemotherapy and blood counts.

We recommend the following websites:

The Center for Families Resource Library has several books on cancer available for checkout. Listed below are some of our most popular titles:

For adults:

  • Children with cancer: a reference guide for parents / Jeanne Munn Bracken, 2010
  • My child has cancer: a parent's guide to diagnosis, treatment, and survival / Della Howell, 2008
  • Childhood cancer survivors: a practical guide to your future / Nancy Keene, 2007
  • By families for families: your child, your family, and pediatric bone marrow transplantation / Sarah Frances Kurker, 2007
  • Understanding cancer: a patient's guide to diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment / C. Norman Coleman, 2006

For children:

  • Nowhere hair / Sue Glader, 2010
  • The Lemonade Club / Patricia Polacco, 2007
  • H is for hair fairy: an alphabet of encouragement and insight for kids (and kids at heart!) with cancer / Kim Martin, 2005
  • Taking cancer to school / Cynthia S. Henry, 2001

You are also welcome to search our catalog for other titles.

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