The Center for Families Resource Library is committed to providing reliable health information to all families whether they are in the hospital or not. We provide many options to help you educate yourself about all aspects of your family’s health.

On this page, you will find interactive tutorials that will help you learn about common issues that families face. You can take advantage of these resources wherever you have computer access and learn at your own pace.

Here are the tutorials we have created:

About Tracheostomy Home Care - Learn more about pediatric Tracheostomy home care.  This interactive course reviews information on suctioning the trach tube and general trach care. There is also a section on tracheostomy emergency scenarios.

Crib to Bed – Moving your child from a crib to a bed is a major transition. Educate yourself about the best time for making this change. Find out how to prepare your child for the move. Get tips for creating an effective bedtime routine. 

Understanding Your Child’s Blood Counts – Learn more about your child’s blood counts. Find out how chemotherapy affects blood counts and why preventing infections is so important. This tutorial will also help you understand more about the medical team that is caring for your child who has cancer. Discover how to become an active member of the team.

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