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PCOS symptoms in teens

You may have heard of PCOS, or polycystic ovary syndrome, before, but how do you know if your teen has ...

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Are Irregular Periods Common in Teens?

Your child getting her period is a milestone moment marking adolescent development. Dr. Sarah Garwood, Adolescent Medicine Specialist at St ...

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How to Deal With Teenage Mood Swings

Children transitioning to adolescence may experience teen moodiness, the source of much frustration for parents. This stage is characterized by ...

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How to Help Your Teen Adjust to Moving

Life changes, such as moving to a new home or to an entirely new city, can be difficult for most ...

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Life Skills to Teach Your Teen

Successful Launch in 10…9…8…7… “Can you iron?….. Change a tire?…. Fill a prescription?” I ask these questions in rapid-fire to ...

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Helping Kids and Teens Cope with COVID-19-Related Stress

For many kids, teens, and parents, coping with stress related to COVID-19 has been challenging. Fortunately, coping skills from cognitive ...

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Energy Drain

Many teenagers are turning to energy drinks as a way to stay awake and alert during school and sports, but ...


Botox® Injections Available to Treat Adolescents with Migraine Headaches

The division of pediatric neurology at St. Louis Children’s Hospital now offers Botox injections for adolescent patients whose migraine headaches ...


Patient With Goodpasture’s Syndrome Thrives After Kidney Transplant

At age 14, Madeline Rauh was an exceptional student and talented competitive swimmer. According to her mom, Julie, her daughter ...