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Lung Transplant Program
Patient Stories

Transplants Help Siblings Survive Rare Lung Disease

Cody and Hayley Smith knew their lives would change with the birth of their first child. But they never imagined ...


14-year-old Peorian Doing Well After Double Lung Transplant

Will, who was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis as an infant, had a double lung transplant at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. ...


Missouri 5-Month-Old Survives Heart-Lung Transplant

On May 23, cardiologists at St. Louis Children’s Hospital’s Heart Center performed the transplant on Jack, making him the youngest ...

Patient Stories

Kylie’s Fight

Kylie is 13, and so far her life has been about beating back the symptoms that make cystic fibrosis such ...

Patient Stories

Ellie Scott: A Gifted Life

According to the Hazelwood School District, Eleni “Ellie” Scott, 7, is a gifted child. Specialized testing has shown that Ellie ...


New Journey Begins with Heart-Lung Transplant

As first-time parents, Kali and Patrick Bowman, of Springfield, Missouri, have learned more than their fair sure about caring for ...

Patient Stories

Newborn Baby Receives First Artificial Lung as Bridge to Lung Transplant

A newborn baby from Michigan is being kept alive at St. Louis Children’s Hospital with an artificial lung, the first ...