Nurses shape the future of our patients and the dedication, commitment and compassion they bring to work every day is amazing. We are so fortunate to have leaders who appreciate nurses’ contributions. In 2007, one such leader, Don Ross established the Nancy A. Ross, RN, Nursing Awards at St. Louis Children’s Hospital in honor of his wife, Nancy, and her lifelong commitment to the nursing profession. Nancy started her career as a nurse when she graduated from Jewish Hospital School of Nursing in 1964. She performed a rotation at St. Louis Children’s Hospital where she discovered that pediatric nursing was her calling. These awards honor Nancy’s dedication to providing the best possible care to every patient, every family, every day. We are grateful for the Ross’ generosity and thoughtfulness through this fund. 

Nancy Ross Nursing Awards Recipients


Partner in Caring: Amanda Warren, Child Life Services 
Excellence in Patient and Family Centered Care: Jasmin Robles, BSN, RN, PICU 
Excellence in Professional Nursing: Adrienne Spangler, BSN, RN, CPN, 7100 
Excellence in Nursing Leadership: Seana Allen, BSN, RN, CCRN, PICU 
Excellence in Mentoring and Precepting: Alycia Burley, BSN, RN CPN, Hematology/Oncology 
Rookie of the Year: Jaylyn Lowrance, BSN, RN, CPHON, Hematology/Oncology 
Excellence in Nursing Research/Evidence Based Practice: Lisa Henry, MSN, RN, PNP, CHAO, Healthy Kids Express Asthma 
Excellence in Community Service Award: Kym Galbraith, Heart Center


Partner in Caring: Marshall Brooks, Respiratory Therapy
Excellence In Patient and Family Centered Care: Linda Hayes, 7100 
Excellence in Professional Nursing: Caroline Peterson, Heart Center
Excellence in Nursing Leadership: Zach McDuffie, OR
Excellence in Mentoring and Precepting: Nicole Gray, Hematology/Oncology
Rookie of the Year: Abby West, Hematology/Oncology
Excellence in Nursing Research/Evidence Based Practice: Becky Roiger, Heart Center

Susan Goddard Annual Nursing Scholarship

2019 Scholarship Recipient: Zakhari Snow
2019 Susan Goddard Scholarship Recipient: Zakhari Snow

The Susan Goddard Scholarship was named in honor of Susan Goddard, a nursing leader at Children’s Hospital for 37 years. An endowment to support this scholarship was established upon her retirement. Susan served in the roles of staff RN, clinical instructor, manager, and director and was a role model to many of the leaders at St. Louis Children’s Hospital today. Student nurse recipients for this scholarship are chosen based on demonstrating that they embody many of the values that were important to Susan as a nurse and leader: caring, compassion, love of learning, high professional standard and outstanding clinical care. 

2019 Scholarship Recipient: Zakhari Snow
2018 Scholarship  Recipients: Kelsey Law, Macie Christisen, Rylie Geisner