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Health Records at Your Fingertips

If your child had a medical emergency, would you have the information you needed about their health?

myHealthFolders is a unique feature offered by St. Louis Children’s Hospital’s website that stores the personal medical records of families nationwide. Registered users have instant access to their stored medical records from any computer at any time, which can be particularly useful if a medical emergency arises when families are out of town.

Visit the myHealthFolders website to subscribe to the service and create an account to get started. Once the account is created, users have unlimited access to their information, making it easy to provide medical records for school, college or even summer camp without having to go through your pediatrician’s office.

Here's How It Works

  1. Click Here to set up a secure, password protected account.
  2. Enter personal information, emergency contacts, health-care providers, insurance information and health history for yourself and friends or family members
  3. Print a Medical Emergency Card to carry with you so emergency medical personnel can have immediate access to your information, or print your detailed health history report and bring it to your physician appointments.

Safe and Secure

In addition to offering easy access to health files, be assured that any information stored on the website remains safe. Through information encryption and secured databases along with detailed reports of account activity, keeps patient confidentiality a top priority.