Checklist for Students with Food Allergies

  • Follow your Food Allergy Action Plan (FAAP)
  • Join in your food allergy planning meeting
  • Prevention
    • Know what food(s) are unsafe
    • Tell your friends and adults the foods you cannot eat
      Ask your friends to learn how to use your emergency medicine (epinephrine), just in case!
    • Always have two epinephrine auto-injector at school
    • Go to your doctor at least once per year (Asthma — twice per year)
  • If you have an allergic reaction, go see your doctor within 1 – 2 weeks
  • Best practice
    • Wash your hands before and after eating
    • Carry two epinephrine auto-injector at school and with you at all times
    • Do not share or trade food or drinks
      Make sure surfaces are clean before eating.
      Carry wet wipes.
    • Say ”no, thank you“ to food that is unsafe or without a label
    • Report any teasing, threats, or bullying
  • Review
    • What foods are unsafe
    • What happens when you eat unsafe foods
    • Know where your life-saving medicine is kept
    • When to tell an adult or call 911