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Mom Docs

What Parents Should Know About RSV

Your baby is coughing and can’t seem to catch their breath. RSV and other respiratory viruses can be scary in ...

Mom Docs

RSV & Croup: When is it time to see the doctor?

Winter is here, which means it’s cough season. But not all coughs are the same. In this video, learn about ...

Expert Advice

How to Spot the Signs of a Speech Disorder

Speech and language development isn’t always straightforward. Some children stutter. Others have trouble making certain sounds. Other children struggle because ...

Mom Docs


I am writing this MomDocs article from a very interesting perspective today. Not only am I a ‘mom’ of four ...

Mom Docs

Swollen Lymph Nodes — Should I Be Worried?

Swollen lymph nodes are a common complaint in children and are almost always a harmless and temporary finding. In rare ...