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Good Chore Ideas Your Child Can Handle

As a parent, we’ve probably all had trouble coming up with good chore ideas that are helpful and fun, instead ...

Mom Docs

Should I Make My Own Baby Formula at Home?

In two words: No. Never. I get it. We are all trying to feed our children the best, healthiest options ...


Novel Nerve Transfer Surgery Gives Hope for Patients with AFM

Watch one patient's story In late 2018, a polio-like illness called acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) was making headlines as cases ...


Moyamoya Expertise Allows Stacey to Bounce Back After Strokes 

As 6-year-old Stacey was getting ready for her bath, she suddenly couldn’t move her left arm. Moments later, the left ...


Meet the Brains Behind Concussion Care: Mark Halstead, MD

Growing up in Wisconsin, Mark Halstead, MD, a Washington University pediatric sports medicine physician at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, played ...