Section 504 Accommodation Plan

This federal civil rights law, commonly referred to as Section 504, helps ensure that individuals with disabilities are not excluded from participating in any program or activity that receives federal financial assistance. Students who are covered by this law are eligible to receive what is known as a 504 Plan.


Child doing homeworkA 504 Plan is a written management plan developed on a case by case basis. Individual accommodation(s) will vary based upon each student’s individual needs, and may require input from their healthcare provider. Examples of 504 accommodations may include, but not be limited to, special seating arrangements, curriculum adjustments, field trips, special school events and staff training. Parents/guardians are within their rights to request an evaluation for eligibility and to pursue such a plan. All schools subject to this law should have a 504 Coordinator on staff who can help parents/guardians throughout the 504 process.

Accommodations should be reasonable and supported by using evidence based practice standards such as the CDC Voluntary Guidelines. The following 504 outline provides an overview of steps to take to create a 504 Plan. 

Please review the following step by step instructions on how to use the 504 Plan flow chart that starts on the next page: 

Step 1: Identify your role in creating the 504 Plan.

Step 2: Review and complete the tasks listed under your specific role.

Step 3: Once the student is approved for a 504 Plan, then review details on the flow chart which follows this page:

  1. Scheduling a 504 planning meeting
  2. Sample accommodation listing (note: The accommodation listing features check boxes for building a 504 plan to meet the student’s individual needs.)

Step 4: If the school does not approve a 504 Plan, there is information on who to contact and resources to assist.


Click here to download a printable pdf of a 504 Accommodation Plan.

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