Reward Children Without Food


  • Recognize over school intercom system
  • Ribbon or certificate of recognition
  • Photo recognition board
  • Assigned as the special helper for the day
    - Line leader
    - Run errands around the school
    - Teach the class or a younger classroom
    - Read the morning announcements
  • No “homework” pass
  • Extra technology time
  • Extra recess or favorite special class (PE, art, music) 
  • Eat lunch with a special friend and / or teacher
  • Make a t-shirt and wear for the day
  • Make a crown and be a prince or princess for the day
  • Plant a seed/flower to grow a plant

    Note: Creates a safe school environment.



  • Books (reading/coloring/sticker)
  • Cups/water bottles
  • Goodie bags with trinkets/gadgets (stickers, puzzles, toy cars, stuffed animals, finger puppets, action figures, key chains, flashlights)
  • School supplies (pencils, pens, erasers, notepads, crayons/markers, rulers, pencil sharpeners)
  • Physical activity gear (jump ropes, yo-yo’s, frisbees, nerf balls)
  • Develop a point/ticket or token system that allows students to accumulate a certain number in exchange for larger rewards such as: gift certificate to the school store, local book store/movie theatre

    Note: Use latex free rewards.


Note: If food is absolutely necessary to celebrate, please follow your school guidelines regarding the process and read food labels carefully. It is highly recommended to choose items of high nutritional value and that are safe for all students in the classroom to consume. Remember, children with food allergies enjoy celebrations just like any other child.

Adapted from the Healthy Schools Campaign and the Center for Science in the Public Interest


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