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Girls on the Run

We’re proud to partner with Girls on the Run for this weekend’s race! Running is a great way to keep ...

Mom Docs

Questions You Should Always Ask Before a Playdate

 Playdates are a ton of fun, plus they’re an important way for your child to make friends and build ...

Mom Docs

Car Seat Safety and Car Accidents

Anyone else feel like they are constantly in the car? Going to work, running errands, going to the library or ...

Mom Docs

Medications and Your Child

No one wants their kiddo feeling sick – but you might be hesitant or have questions about giving medicine, especially ...

Mom Docs

Nosebleeds in Kids | Why They Happen & How to Stop Them

If your kid has a nosebleed, it can be scary (and messy!) but thankfully it’s usually not a serious medical ...