St. Louis Children's Hospital is dedicated to our patients' and families' ongoing care. To assist with the entire process of healing, St. Louis Children's Hospital offers these support groups.

Asthma -- A.C.E.--Asthma Control Education
For caregivers and their children with asthma

Bereavement Program
Designed to help parents and siblings cope with the death of a child

Cameron’s Smile Brachial Plexus Palsy Support Group
Assisting parents, children and adults affected by brachial plexus injuries

Cochlear Implant Support Groups
For Cochlear Implant patients and families

Diabetes -- Diabetes Support Group for Parents

HIV/AIDS -- H.E.Y.--Health and Education for Youth Support Group
For adolescents with HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS Project ARK -- Helping Families Live with AIDS

Neuro-oncology Support Group
For families of children diagnosed with a brain tumor or cancer of the brain

St. Louis Bladder Exstrophy Support Group
For patients and families dealing with bladder exstrophy issues. The BE support group is open to patients of all ages and their families who are dealing with bladder exstrophy issues. the group provides support and information to help all understand and cope with this condition. For information call 314.454.6034.