When you bring your child to St. Louis Children's Hospital, your child receives care and attention from a staff completely focused on kids. Our entire approach to health care is shaped by looking at it from a child's and family’s point of view.

Whether your child has a long or short stay with us, we hope to make your time here as pleasant as possible.

Preparing for an Inpatient Visit

What to Bring to an Inpatient Visit

  • Insurance card (private, Medicare or Medicaid). 

  • Pharmacy card, if separate from insurance card.

  • Valid government-issued photo identification (e.g., driver's license, passport, etc.) for the patient’s parent or guardian.

  • List of medications your child takes, including the dosage amounts and how often your child takes them.

  • List of your child’s food or medicine allergies.

  • Your and your child’s questions; as part of patient- and family-centered care, we encourage you and your child to become active members of the health care team.

For ways to make your child more comfortable in the hospital, visit our What to Bring to Your Child’s Stay page.  

Visiting St. Louis Children’s Hospital

For information about parking, visiting hour or to see a virtual tour, see our Visit Us page.