Thank you for your interest in obtaining medical records. In order for St. Louis Children’s Hospital to release confidential hospital medical record information, please complete the appropriate request form below.

Request for Access to Protected Health Information

  • Request for Access to Protected Health Information: Please complete this form to have a copy of your medical records sent to you or to someone other than yourself. Note: Parents and guardians, please use this form for your patients.
  • Authorization for Release of Information: Third parties, please complete this form to request a copy of an individual’s medical records. Note: The individual whose records are being requested must sign this authorization.

For more specific information about obtaining St. Louis Children’s Hospital records please call the Correspondence Center at 314.454.6060 or email us.

If you or your child were seen at one of the Washington University Clinics at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, they maintain their own medical records. If you would like to obtain information about having these records released please call or email their Release of Information Center at 314.273.0453 or [email protected].

Medical Record Fees

  • There is no charge for records to be sent to another physician, hospital or other medical facility for continuity of care.
  • Requests made by parents/patients for records for personal use will be charged $.07 per page plus processing fees for photocopies if your record is in paper or electronic format.
  • For all other releases there is a fee of $.57 per page plus a processing fee for photocopies if the record is in paper form or electronic.

You will receive a bill for our efforts with the mailed copy of your record. Before we begin researching and copying your record, we are happy to provide you a cost estimate.

To minimize cost, we suggest requesting a copy of:

  • Discharge Summaries
  • Operative Notes
  • Diagnostic tests
  • The “abstract” of the record which would give you the essential elements of the record without having all the daily assessments

We can only provide you a copy of the information we have. We cannot interpret what the information means or discuss it with you. Please take the information to your personal physician to discuss the findings.

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