We believe that patient- and family-centered care is an essential part of every family's experience at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Our goal is to our patient's and family's perspective into all aspects of care.

One of the best ways we practice patient- and family-centered care is by listening to your feedback. We incorporate your feedback into our policies, procedures and daily operations.

Your feedback helps us monitor the quality of the care we provide.

    What Is Patient- and Family-Centered Care?

    • It is a model of care where patients, families and health care professionals form a working partnership. This partnership benefits everyone involved.
    • A “family” is recognized as anyone whom patients regard as significant in their lives.
    • Families are not considered “visitors” but essential nurturers, caregivers and participants in the care and decisions that affect the healing of their child.

    Patient- and Family-Centered Care Is About:

    • Respect and dignity for the entire care team including patients and families
    • Open and honest information sharing
    • Patient and family inclusion and participation in care
    • Collaboration always, early and often on a hospital-wide basis

    Patient- and Family-Centered Care Benefits:

    • Safety: Fewer medical errors and improved outcomes
    • Quality: Increased productivity
    • Patient experience: Enhanced emotional well-being and trust; decreased patient and family anxiety
    • Philanthropy: Grateful patient and family giving

    We Need You!

    Please help us by sharing your ideas and your experiences — both what went right and what we can do better.

    To do this, you can: