Child with stethoscopeThe St. Louis Children's Hospital advocacy program strives to translate the hospital's advocacy mission into actionable plans and initiatives involving many constituents -- employees, medical staff, donors and families in the region.

In order to fulfill its mission to "Do What is Right for Kids", St. Louis Children's Hospital has made a commitment to ongoing advocacy, beyond the hospital setting. The Child Health Advocacy and Outreach department provides health-related resources and education to families and communities in the St. Louis region to help keep them healthy and safe.  

Community Health Initiatives

Injury Prevention Initiatives 

  • Injury-Free Coalition for Kids - The day after a young boy came to the emergency unit at St. Louis Children's Hospital with gunshot wounds, emergency doctors and nurses discussed the need to give children safer places to play and to teach children and families how to avoid preventable injuries. This incident launched the hospital's comprehensive injury prevention program.

    The Injury Free Coalition for Kids of St. Louis is a chapter of a nationwide program that is among the country's fastest growing and most effective injury prevention programs. The Injury Free Coalition for Kids is composed of hospital-based, community-oriented programs anchored in research, education and advocacy. Injury Free St. Louis encompasses several injury prevention initiatives, including Safety Street and Safety Stop.

  • Safety Street - Safety Street is a program that allows kindergarten through fifth grade students to experience potential street hazards in a controlled, safe learning environment. It is a life-sized cityscape, complete with homes, cars, a school bus, stray dogs, strangers and more.
  • Safety Stop - Parents and caregivers can receive safety inspections and consultations for car seats, helmets and home safety from our trained safety experts. A limited selection of car seats, helmets and home safety equipment is available for purchase at a discounted price as part of a Safety Stop appointment.

Wellness Initiatives

  • Head to Toe Program - A unique approach to weight management that teaches youth (ages 8-17) how to live healthier lives by eating right and exercising regularly. While building self-esteem, kids engage in fun physical activities and learn about proper nutrition.
  • Teen Outreach Program (TOP) - An evidence-based best practice program used by schools and communities to empower teens to lead successful lives and build strong communities.
  • Healthy Kids, Healthy Minds™ - A program that places full-time school nurses and mental health professionals in four St. Louis public schools to address students’ physical and psychological needs.

For more community resources please visit our Community Resource Reference Guide.

We offer world-class care to children thanks in part to generous gifts from hundreds of people who have joined us as Guardians of Childhood. This philanthropic support enables us to fulfill our mission to do what's right for kids. Join us in making health care better for all children.

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