We want to make your hospital stay with us as comfortable as possible.

We offer the services below for your convenience, and we welcome feedback on how we can improve your hospital experience.

For additional services, visit our Hospital Amenities and Support Services pages.

Options for Overnight Stays

Each room (except for our intensive care unit) is designed to accommodate one parent per patient for overnight stays. Patient rooms have built-in window bay beds and chairs that extend into single beds.

Bed linens and pillows are available from your child’s nurse or the unit secretary.

For accommodations for additional caregivers, visit our Lodging page.


For your convenience, we provide shower facilities for parents. You may use the shower in your child’s room if your child has a private room.

If your child is in a semi-private room, please use the showers on your floor or in the Center for Families on the third floor of the hospital.

Towels are available from your child’s nurse or the unit secretary.

Phones, Phone Cards & TDD

Local phone calls can be made from patient rooms.

If you need assistance with long-distance calling, speak with your child's social worker.

TDD (Telecommunication Device for the Hearing Impaired) is available for hearing-impaired or speech-impaired patients and families, including videophones is available in the Center for Families.

Cellular Phones

Use of cellular phones is allowed in most areas of the hospital. Certain areas may post signs restricting cell phone usage due to interference with medical equipment. Please observe all signs.

Food Options

We have in-room meal options through Dining On Call and our hospital cafeteria, Edison Café, in the lower level of the hospital.

To order your child’s meal or a parent guest meal through Dining On Call:

  • Make your selections from the menu provided in the room or ask your nurse.

  • Call 314.454.2752 to place your order.  A call center operator will take the order, ensure the selections meet the prescribed diet, and deliver the meal within 45 minutes.

  • For parent meals, you must pay at the time of delivery. Debit or credit cards are accepted. Or, you may pay in advance for a guest meal tray in the cafeteria and provide that receipt as payment when the meal is delivered to your child’s room.

  • Meals may be ordered from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m.

Edison Café offers a wide variety of choices including frozen treats, pizza, as well as our own deli, grill and salad selection.  


Patient rooms have televisions with movies on demand. St. Louis Children’s Hospital provides age-appropriate television programs on our television system, which includes educational programming as well as the Disney Channel.

Mail Services

Mail is delivered to your child’s room Monday through Friday. If mail arrives for your child after discharge, we will forward it to your home address.

Outgoing mail can be given to the unit secretary, dropped off at the Guest Services Information Desks or placed in the U.S. Postal boxes outside on Children’s Place.

You may also send a patient greeting through our online system. If you need a computer to do this, visit the Center for Families on the third floor.


We offer multiple options to meet your pharmacy medication needs. We have an outpatient, inpatient and online pharmacy at St. Louis Children's Hospital.

We also have an outpatient pharmacy at the St. Louis Children's Specialty Care Center - West County and the St. Louis Specialty Care Center - South County.


Mylar (foil) balloons are welcome and make a hospital room brighter and more colorful.

Latex (rubber) balloons are not allowed, however. Latex balloons are a choking hazard for young children and can cause allergic reactions for patients and staff.

As a result, latex balloons are not allowed at the hospital for gifts, and latex balloon deliveries will not be accepted. Thank you for your understanding.

Public Safety

To ensure a safe, secure environment for your child and your family, safety officers are available to escort you to your car upon request.

Please report any security concern to your child’s nurse or the Public Safety department, 24 hours a day, by dialing 314.362.0750 from any phone in the hospital.

Please keep non-essential valuables at home. For your convenience, individual safes are located in each patient room.