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What you need to know about children and fentanyl

Even if you have not been prescribed fentanyl and don’t keep it in your home, it’s still important to educate ...


Judy Bentley and Missouri State Senator Lincoln Hough Receive 2023 Advocacy Awards

Judy Bentley, BSN, MA, and Missouri State Senator Lincoln Hough have dedicated their personal time and professional talents toward improving ...

Patient Stories

Seeking Answers for Rare and Unknown Diseases

Two siblings diagnosed with the same rare disease work with a team of Washington University specialists to move pediatric medicine ...

Mom Docs

How to choose the right running shoes for your child

A physical therapist at St. Louis Children’s Hospital gives two recommendations on what to look for in running shoes. ...

Expert Advice

St. Louis Children’s 'No Questions Asked' Gun-Lock Program Expands to all BJC Locations

Free gun lock kiosks now available across BJC It’s a record and distinction no one wanted. In 2022, St. Louis ...