Guide to Choosing a Pediatrician
Download the Guide to Choosing a Pediatrician and Hospital

A pediatrician is much more than a person who cares for your child when he or she is sick.  Pediatricians are trusted advocates who offers reassurance, advice and guidance throughout your child’s years of growth and development. What should you be looking for in a pediatrician?

Consider what factors you value most when choosing a pediatrician:

  • Is it important for the doctor’s office to be close to your home? Your office? Frequent well baby visits are required during the first two years of life, so choosing a location that is convenient for you can be a major factor in the selection process.
  • Does your health insurance plan limit the list of physicians from which to choose?
  • Would you feel more confident dealing with an older or a younger doctor?
  • Would you prefer a male or female pediatrician?
  • Does the doctor speak multiple languages?

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