What is Kohler Disease?

Kohler disease is a rare bone disorder of the foot in children. It causes inflammation of an outgrowth to the tarsal navicular bone. This condition occurs most commonly in children two to nine years of age. Children with Kohler disease may experience foot pain and tenderness over the area of the tarsal navicular bone in the foot.

Symptoms of Kohler Disease

Symptoms of Kohler disease may vary from minor to severe and vary from person to person. Common symptoms of Kohler disease include:

  • Limping caused by pain
  • Swelling in the foot
  • Tenderness in the arch of the foot

If your child has any signs and symptoms associated with Kohler disease, contact your child's primary care physician or a pediatric orthopedist.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Kohler Disease

A physician, podiatrist or orthopedist may diagnose Kohler disease based on the patient’s symptoms and by performing an x-ray of the foot. Treatment for Kohler disease may include wearing arch supports or a weight bearing cast below the knee for 6-8 weeks.

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