Child praying

At St. Louis Children’s Hospital, the chaplains seek to provide the best spiritual care for our patients, families and staff. This care is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are a part of the medical team, participating in patient care, rounds, crisis intervention and family support. We are committed to holistic care for body, mind and spirit.

Chaplaincy Sees Miracles Daily

We see miracles in ministry everyday from a baby’s first giggle with newly transplanted lungs, to a brain surgery patient’s shy smile or a parent’s hand held tightly all night long. These are the miracles that the chaplains get to see in our work.

The oncology/hematology/neurology chaplain works with families who are facing the hardship of treatments that require ongoing hospitalization. Helping patients and families stay connected spiritually-- to what gives them strength and meaning, is a sacred privilege.

When do You Call a Chaplain?

  • When you are struggling to find meaning for what is happening
  • When you need prayer or other religious rituals such as anointing, baptism, dedication or communion
  • When you need assistance contacting your clergy or representative of your faith tradition
  • When you need a Bible or religious literature
  • When your child is having surgery or undergoing a difficult procedure
  • When there is a new diagnosis or significant change in care
  • When you feel isolated or lonely
  • When you are facing ethical decisions
  • When you are grieving a loss or death

How do I call a Chaplain?
Contact the hospital operator at 314.454.6000 and page the on-call chaplain.

Chapel Services and Location

Our chapel is located on the First Floor, around the corner from the Gift Shop. The chapel is always open for prayer and reflection, and is often used for special events such as prayer services and dedications. A listing of services is located on the chapel door and updated regularly. The design of the chapel reflects our commitment to serve all faith traditions and honor diversity in our spiritual services. Prayer cards are filled out daily by individuals desiring specific requests and prayed over in a weekly service.

Hospital Wide Bereavement Services

Chaplains are actively involved with our Bereavement Coordinator in helping families and staff with grief and its many expressions, such as through memorial services, picnics, support care meetings and literature.

Ethics Committee

Chaplains are involved in the Ethics Committee of the hospital. Contact the hospital operator at 314.454.6000 to page the on call chaplain for referrals.

Chaplains-Highly Trained and Qualified for your Service

All of the chaplains at St. Louis Children’s hospital are board-certified or are working toward certification, which means a Master’s Degree and residency level of training. For more information about our training, see the following links: