Is your brain getting enough exercise?

Strong muscles help you grow, and a strong brain keeps you smart. Here are a few ways to exercise both your body and your mind, even when it’s cold outside.

1. Have a dance party. All you need is a few favorite songs to get you started. Invite your brothers, sisters or friends. Have a dance off and try to match each other’s dance moves.

2. Visit a museum. Yes, this is exercise too! Learn about art, history or science, and see how many steps you can take in one trip.

3. Help out at home. Help wrap presents or address holiday cards. Helping others makes you feel good, can be lots of fun and teaches you new skills.

4. Get cooking. Recipes teach you about math, following directions and even different cultures. Find one you want to try, walk to a nearby grocery store with your mom or dad to get the ingredients, and help them make it for dinner.

5. Go eagle watching. Many bald eagles fly over St. Louis in winter. Find a local park or bridge and hunt for the best place to see them. When you’re watching, count how many other kinds of birds you see. Just remember—the early bird...sees the most birds! You may need to plan your trip around sunrise.


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