Start a family tradition that will create memories for years to come.

Whether small or elaborate, traditions help families bond and deepen relationships through fun and anticipation. 

“Traditions are celebratory moments that create a sense of belonging,” says Jenna Chierek, program manager at BJC HealthCare. “They often weave past and present generations together and establish a sense of connection.”

Chierek recommends these four tips for establishing family traditions:

  • Blend and build. Don’t be afraid to build on your own childhood traditions or blend together different family customs into one tradition. 
  • Give it meaning. Gaining inspiration from others is helpful. However, a tradition should be adjusted to fit your family’s unique needs.
  • Involve your kids. Have your kids share ideas of traditions they would enjoy. You may be surprised what they come up with! 
  • Have fun. If your family is not having fun, a tradition becomes an obligation. Be flexible and don’t stress over perfection.

Get the Ball Rolling

Try some of these fun traditions with your family:

  • Plant a tree or a fall garden.
  • Run a virtual race together.
  • Serve breakfast in bed on birthdays.
  • Teach your kids recipes passed down 
  • from a previous generation.
  • Turn the backyard into a drive-in movie theater.
  • Volunteer on a holiday.
  • Write letters to each other on New Year’s Day to open the following year.