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Getting Back in the Saddle

After suffering a stroke at age 3, Emiliano De Lira Muñoz is looking forward to riding horses again. ...

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Notes of Caution

Earbuds are popular among children and teenagers, but these tiny devices can cause big damage to hearing if used improperly ...

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Shaping a Better Future for Babies

For babies with a misshapen head, a few months of painless, noninvasive helmet therapy can give the face and skull ...

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Spruce Up Spring Break

Though your children may try to spend most of spring break in front of a television, tablet or smartphone, you ...

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Your Child’s First Cell Phone

When should parents take the plunge? “Cell phones are part of modern life, and kids will need them eventually,” says ...

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Emergency Preparedness 101

Do your children know what to do in an emergency? Are your children starting to stay home alone? Help prepare ...

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Energy Drain

Many teenagers are turning to energy drinks as a way to stay awake and alert during school and sports, but ...

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Don’t Lose Your Head

Here’s how to spot the key differences between a headache and a migraine. Approximately 60 percent of children will experience ...

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Healthy Holiday Hacks

Keep your kids’ nutrition on track during the holiday season with these three tips. “It’s okay if your meals during ...