If you want your children to have fun without turning their minds to mush during the summer stretch, think about day camps to keep them occupied and active. There are day camps to fit every child’s interest or ability.

For working parents, the right day camp can also open a world of opportunity for your children while providing you with the peace of mind that they’re using their time productively.

St. Louis Children's Hospital has compiled a list of helpful hints to assist you in the search for stimulating summer child care.

  • DO consider your children’s interests when choosing childcare. Ask your sons and/or daughters if the kinds of activities offered appeal to them.
  • DO check the camp’s credentials and references before enrolling your kids. Evaluate its strengths and weaknesses against your own needs. Plan on visiting a few times, at least once unannounced.
  • DO count the cost. Find out from camp personnel if fees include extra activities and field trips. If your kids aren’t there every day, do you still pay or is the price prorated?
  • DO inquire about staff-to-student ratios. Missouri laws require at least one adult per 16 kids age 5 or older.
  • DO find out how transportation works. Is pick-up and drop-off available and will transportation off-site be safe?


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