Halloween candy tastes great. But eating too much isn’t healthy. Here’s how to have your candy—and feel good, too.

Calories come from foods and drinks. They give you energy to get through your day. But when you eat too many calories, your body has more than it needs to stay active. The extra calories can turn into fat, which can slow you down and make you feel tired. The good news? If you exercise, you can burn off those extra calories before they turn into fat.

Halloween candy has a lot of calories. If you eat a lot of candy, you need to do a lot of exercise! For a kid who weighs 90 pounds, here’s how much exercise it will take to burn off...

Candy corn: Eat 10 pieces of candy corn (75 calories) and do jumping jacks for 15 minutes.

Chocolate: Eat one piece of chocolate (40 calories) and do sit-ups for 15 minutes.

Fun-size candy bar: Eat one candy bar (60 to 80 calories, depending on the kind) and shoot hoops for as many as to 30 minutes.

Lollipop: Eat one small lollipop (60 calories) and ride your bike for 20 minutes.

Jelly beans: Eat 10 small jelly beans (40 calories) and dance in your living room for 15 minutes.

Marshmallow: Eat one marshmallow candy (30 calories) and jump rope for 6 minutes.

Want to make it more fun? Get your friends, brothers and sisters, or even your parents to exercise with you.


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