Teaching your children to give their time and energy to causes that matter can help them become well-rounded adults.

Giving to those in need can instill important values. Consider these options available throughout the year.

  • Get creative. Whether making birthday cards and care packages for sick children or writing letters to a soldier or senior, you and your family can brighten someone’s day by working on these projects at home.
  • Give your time to a specific activity. Serving meals at a soup kitchen or gathering food or clothes for a local organization are simple ways you can help.
  • Party for a cause. At your child’s next birthday party, ask guests to bring a toy or book for a local charity in lieu of a present for your child. Fun will still be had—and other kids will benefit, too.
  • Walk it out. Charity walks are great for children of every age, even if your little one is in a stroller. Sign up for events throughout the year that support causes close to your heart, or earmark an annual event.

Looking for a great volunteer opportunity? Visit volunteermatch.org to find something right for your family.


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