Parents often ask how they can prevent cavities and keep their kid’s teeth healthy. Emily Hahn, DDS, a board-certified pediatric dentist at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, shares three tips that can help protect your kiddo’s smile:

  1. If you’re nervous about your child getting cavities, look at what they drink and make adjustments. If they’re sipping on juice or soda all day, they’re constantly exposing their teeth to sugar and acid. Eliminate that sipping habit to give your child’s mouth a break and allow it to neutralize any acidity.
  2. If your kid is only going to brush their teeth once a day, make it nighttime. Don’t allow your child to brush their teeth at night and then snack or drink milk.
  3. Be realistic, if your child gets a cavity, it doesn’t mean they need to start brushing and flossing after every meal. It’s more important to help them build habits that are consistent and that they’ll do for the rest of their lives. You don’t want brushing their teeth to become a punishment.


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