If your children spend time at a babysitter’s house or with grandparents while you’re at work or away for a week, they could bump their head or get sick just as they could at home. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead and complete a “Permission to Treat” form for your children.

By completing a “Power of Attorney for Consent to Medical Care” form for each child, you ensure that the person you authorize - grandparent, babysitter or any responsible adult - can obtain medical treatment for your children in your absence. Having this form completed will give you peace of mind and may prevent any delays in your child being treated in an emergency.

Without this form, your child would still be cared for to make him comfortable and stable. But if surgery is needed, the hospital and physician may not perform the surgery without proper consent - whether from you directly or from the “Permission to Treat” form.

This form is also essential if you’re sending your child on vacation with friends or if you’re bringing a child’s friend along with your family on vacation.

The Power of Attorney form includes a brief medical history as well as basic contact and insurance information. The form must be notarized to be valid. To download a Permission to Treat Form, click here.


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