This fall fruit is as entertaining as it is nutritious.  

Looking for fun family activities this autumn? Heading to an apple orchard may be just the ticket. Harvesting these ripe, colorful fruits is a perfect way to teach your children about how an orchard grows. Ask the farmers to share important information with your crew about planting the trees, nurturing them throughout the year and the proper ways to pick the apples.  

You may also organize other activities to make your outing even more entertaining. A few ideas to try:

  • Have little ones bob for apples. The time-honored tradition creates a lot of laughter.  
  • Inspire budding artists. Slice apples in half to make apple stamps. Kids can dip the fruit in paint and stamp on a sheet of paper to create art with colorful shapes.  
  • Sip on spiced apple cider. This freshly made beverage is rich in healthy nutrients such as fiber and vitamin C.  
  • Try out new recipes. Make apple-based classics like apple butter, apple pie or simply slice apples and garnish with peanut butter and cinnamon. The final products are tasty and may be served at family gatherings or while you watch an afternoon football game.