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St. Louis Children’s 'No Questions Asked' Gun-Lock Program Expands to all BJC Locations

Free gun lock kiosks now available across BJC It’s a record and distinction no one wanted. In 2022, St. Louis ...

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Can a Car Seat be Used After a Car Accident?

Does anyone else feel like they are constantly in the car? Going to work, running errands, going to the library ...


St. Louis Children’s Hospital Again Named Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center

St. Louis Children’s Hospital has been re-verified as a Level 1 pediatric trauma center by the American College of Surgeons. ...


‘Is There a Doctor in the Ambulance?' Area Kids Benefit From Doctor’s Special Training

As part of the dual Washington University PEM/EMS fellowship he is completing at Children’s, Joe Finney, MD supports, trains and ...

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New Ways to Manage Children with Asthma

According to the Center for Disease Control, 7.6% of children in the United States have asthma, so your child or ...

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After Hours, Emergency Care, or Virtual Care? How to Make the Right Decision

Should I take my kid to the emergency room or After Hours care? What conditions can convenient care clinics treat ...

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Stay Warm, Stay Safe

Following a few key precautions can help your family stay safe when spending time inside. Winter is prime time to ...

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How You Can Prevent Accidental Poisonings

Did you know? Every day, over 300 children in the United States are treated in an Emergency Department, and two ...

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The Stomach Flu: When Should You Go to the ER?

The stomach flu, or the “dreaded stomach bug,” is technically called viral gastroenteritis. But no matter what you call the ...