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What’s the Deal With TikTok?

Move aside, Facebook and Instagram—TikTok is the newest fad. How safe is it for your kids? TikTok can offer harmless ...

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Back to School Scaries

Even if your child has never been prone to anxiety, it’s been a weird year. That could make going back ...

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Kids in the Kitchen

Chances are, you’ve been doing a lot more cooking than usual. But whatever your own skill level in the kitchen ...

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Let’s Go Home, Baby

Bringing a baby home from the hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic is still joyous, but it comes with extra things ...

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Set the Stage for a Lifetime of Laughter

Children aren’t born with a sense of humor, but you can help them develop one—and ensure they enjoy the many ...

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Weaning Off Technology

With the limitations put in place because of COVID-19, children and families have become more dependent on technology for schooling ...

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Building Family Traditions

Start a family tradition that will create memories for years to come. Whether small or elaborate, traditions help families bond ...

Patient Stories

Keeping Up With Nia

A rare heart condition doesn’t stop Nia Hughes from doing what she loves Eight-year-old Nia Hughes is a vibrant and ...

Patient Stories

Getting Back in the Saddle

After suffering a stroke at age 3, Emiliano De Lira Muñoz is looking forward to riding horses again. ...