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St. Louis Children’s Ranks in Top 10% in United States

Extraordinary breadth and depth of expertise places Children’s among the nation’s best. ...

Patient Stories

Selah's Story of Staying Active

Teenager who had over 30 surgeries and procedures, now does adaptive CrossFit. ...

Patient Stories

Solving a Medical Mystery Takes Teamwork

Experts in physical therapy, neurology, and orthopedics helped a young hockey player get back on the ice after developing a ...

Patient Stories

Determined Parents and Dedicated Team Won’t Let Rare Syndrome Hold Back Kerrigan

Erica Waggenspack knew nothing about Rett Syndrome until her youngest daughter, Kerrigan, was diagnosed in April 2020. ...

Patient Stories

Finding New Hope in St. Louis

When doctors in Chicago offered Lucas Parato’s parents a very invasive treatment for their son’s craniosynostosis, St. Louis Children’s provided ...

Mom Docs

Five Common Childhood Asthma Myths

Asthma is a clinical diagnosis that is often misunderstood because it can present in different ways with different severities. We ...

Mom Docs

How to Keep Your Child’s Lungs Healthy

As parents, there are precautionary steps you can take to protect your child’s lung health. Dr. Katherine Rivera-Spoljaric, Pulmonologist at ...

Mom Docs

Newborn Breathing: What is Normal & What Is Not

 All newborn babies breathe faster than other children. Normal newborn breathing patterns typically are between 40-60 breaths per minute ...


Online Scheduling Available for Orthopedic Visits

Parents can schedule a same-day or next-day pediatric orthopedic visits for common orthopedic conditions. ...