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St. Louis Children’s Celebrates 15th Year as a Top 25 Hospital

Extraordinary breadth and depth of expertise places Children’s among the nation’s best. ...

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How much water does my child need?

Hydration is especially important for kids to help support things like normal development and cognition. ...

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Preventing dental injuries in youth sports

A smile is one of the most important things your child will ever wear, but that smile is at risk ...

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Cold-weather running tips for young athletes

Although the weather is colder, it doesn't mean your kid has to give up on outdoor running and exercising. Many ...

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Common Wrestling Skin Infections in Teen Athletes

It is high school wrestling season. As a sports medicine doctor, we often get the job of doing “skin checks” ...

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Back-to-School: Does your Teenage Athlete Need a Heart Screen?

Last week we looked at the differences between back-to-school sports physicals and well child exams. This week, we are discussing ...

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Suicide Prevention in Young Athletes

It’s no secret that COVID-19 created mental health challenges and concerns for teenagers. Student-athletes face additional, unique demands and stressors ...

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Are Soccer Headers Safe in Youth Sports?

We are in the middle of an exciting time for soccer players—the opening season of the STL City SC team ...

Patient Stories

Selah's Story of Staying Active

Teenager who had over 30 surgeries and procedures, now does adaptive CrossFit. ...