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Protecting Your Infants From The Sun

On this episode of MomDocs, Dr. Carrie Coughlin, a pediatric dermatologist, joins us to discuss infants and sunscreen. ...

Mom Docs

What does the color of your period mean?

Here are a few general associations regarding period and discharge colors, and when you need to see a doctor. ...

Mom Docs

What to know about pregnancy and cavities

If you’re pregnant and feel like you’re suddenly experiencing your first-ever cavity, you’re not alone. ...

Patient Stories

Selah's Story of Staying Active

Teenager who had over 30 surgeries and procedures, now does adaptive CrossFit. ...

Mom Docs

Newborn Breathing: What is Normal & What Is Not

Discover the nuances of newborn breathing with Dr. Katherine Rivera-Spoljaric, Pulmonologist at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Learn about normal patterns ...

Patient Stories

Cardiology and infectious disease experts save twins from heart failure

Twins, Wyatt and Ryder, born completely healthy, were placed on life support at 11 days old. Learn how St. Louis ...

Patient Stories

Relieving Camryn's Scoliosis Pain

Camryn, who has scoliosis, recently returned to school after a thoracic spinal fusion. She is now pain free, her posture ...


Perinatal Behavioral Health Service Provides Support for Heart Patients’ Families

St. Louis Children's Hospital discusses how they provide support to families with for newborn heart patient's families. Learn more. ...


Infant Making Great Strides After In-Womb Surgery for Spina Bifida

Jackson underwent surgery before birth to repair his spina bifida. At four-months old, this little guy is make some great ...