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Soccer Safety for All Seasons

Soccer is a popular year-round sport in the greater St. Louis area. For youth players, injury prevention never takes a ...

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An Eye Toward Growth

Unlike adults, children’s bones are continuously growing and require specialized care from pediatric orthopedists. A twisted ankle may mean quality ...

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Why Weights?

Preteens can benefit from strength training, including lifting weights, but only if they use proper technique. By age 7 or ...

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Winter Warm-Up: Staying Active When It’s Cold

Don’t let freezing temperatures stop you in your tracks. Frost, ice and snow don’t have to stop you, your child ...


10 Exercises You Can Do With Your Kids to Prevent Running Injury

According to the physical therapists at the Young Athlete Center, teens are just as likely to develop running injuries as ...

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Overuse Injuries in Sports | Parenting Tips

Overuse injuries are subtle and usually occur over time, making them challenging to diagnose and treat. In today’s episode, Dr. ...


Young Athlete Center Specializes in Treating Sports-Related Injuries

Recognizing the importance of athletics in the lives of children and adolescents today, Washington University and St. Louis Children’s Hospital ...


Meet the Brains Behind Concussion Care: Mark Halstead, MD

Growing up in Wisconsin, Mark Halstead, MD, a Washington University pediatric sports medicine physician at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, played ...

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Youth Sports Specialization

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