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COVID-19 Vaccine: Safe for Kids and Effective for 6 Months and Up

 We’ve taken another important step in the battle against COVID-19! Vaccines are now approved, recommended and available for all ...

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Children as Young as 6 Months Now Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccine

St. Louis Children’s Hospital physician discusses the vaccine for the youngest children. Many parents have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity ...

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COVID-19 Vaccine: Safe for Kids 5 Years and Up

We’ve been waiting for this news! The FDA has authorized the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for kids ages 5-11. That’s right ...

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What Does the COVID-19 Infection Do to Your Lungs?

I’ve just finished another block on the COVID ICU service, and now more than a year and a half into ...

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Back to School: Protecting Your Kids and Family from COVID-19

We were all hoping that by the time we sent our kids back to school this year, we wouldn’t have ...

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Taking Care of Your Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This last year and a half have been tremendously difficult in all areas. But it has been especially difficult from ...

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Will the COVID-19 Vaccine Affect My Ability to Become Pregnant?

Dr. Abigail Chitwood, Ob/Gyn at Missouri Baptist, a sister hospital of St. Louis Children’s Hospital, explains that the COVID-19 vaccine ...

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Should we be concerned about the Delta variant?

Dr. Hilary Babcock, medical director of infection prevention at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, discusses why you should be concerned about ...

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Are there dangers to my baby if I get COVID-19 during pregnancy?

Dr. Jeannie Kelly, a Washington University maternal-fetal medicine specialist at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, a sister hospital of St. Louis Children’s Hospital ...