Whether you are interested in domestic adoption, international adoption, or in fostering a child, we are here to support you and your new addition to your family.

We offer a variety of before and after adoption counseling and health assessments to help you and your family get off to the best start possible.

What adoption services do we provide?

  • Pre-adoption counseling

  • Pre-adoption medical assessment  

  • Newborn screenings

  • Health evaluations after adoption for either domestic or international adoptions, including for fetal alcohol syndrome

  • Emotional and psychological assessments, including for sensory processing disorder and reactive attachment disorder

International adoption health evaluations

Because children who are adopted internationally can have additional health and emotional needs, we offer a full range of health evaluations after international adoption:

  • Infectious diseases screening

  • Evaluation of immunizations

  • Evaluation of growth and nutrition

  • Psychology consultation

  • Hearing evaluation

  • Developmental screening

  • Social services evaluation

Why Choose Adoption Services?

Our team wants what you want: the best possible start to your life together as a family. We will help you identify any potential emotional and medical issues that may affect your child — and we’ll help you address any that we find. With leading specialists across the hospital, we will help you create a roadmap for health and well-being for your whole family.

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