To accurately diagnose and treat pediatric patients with allergy or pulmonary difficulties, the specialists at St. Louis Children's Hospital utilize a fully equipped Pulmonary Function Laboratory to evaluate all aspects of lung function including:

  • Assessment of airflow via spirometry with and without bronchodilator therapy
  • Lung volume determination via body plethysmography and/or nitrogen washout
  • Measurement of oxygenation via diffusion capacity and arterial blood gas measurement
  • Muscle strength assessment
  • Assessment of airway reactivity elicited via methacholine challenge, cold air inhalation, and/or exercise
  • Evaluation of fitness via maximal cardiopulmonary stress testing
  • Infant pulmonary function studies to include rapid thoracoabdominal compressions, nitrogen washout lung volumes, single breath occlusion compliance, and response to carbon dioxide inhalation
  • Respiratory induction plethysmography