The St. Louis Children's Hospital Cerebral Palsy Center diagnoses and treats infants, children and adolescents with cerebral palsy.

The Cerebral Palsy Center's approach is comprehensive, pro-active and individualized. The physicians at St. Louis Children's Hospital know that treatment of children with cerebral palsy should focus on the whole child. Each week the staff holds a cerebral palsy conference to share ideas and to develop specific strategies for each child's care.

The Cerebral Palsy Center works closely with other experts, including pediatricians, rehabilitation specialists, neurologists, orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons, teachers and occupational, physical and speech therapists, among others.

For more information on the diagnosis and treatment of cerebral palsy call 314.454.5437 or 800.678.5437 or email us.

Our goals

Cerebral Palsy Center for Children in St. LouisThe GOAL is INDEPENDENCE! 

To achieve this goal, we strive to: 

  1. Help children with cerebral palsy achieve maximum physical, intellectual and emotional development.
  2. Educate patients, parents and the community about children with cerebral palsy.
  3. Develop and promote clinical research programs that will advance the pharmacological, surgical and therapeutic treatment of cerebral palsy.
  4. Continue making advances in the diagnosis, management and treatment of cerebral palsy.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy at the Cerebral Palsy Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital is that every child deserves the chance to grow up to become independent, and we are committed to helping children with cerebral palsy live as independently as possible.

Promoting communication: A key component of any child’s life is effective communication. At the Cerebral Palsy Center, we believe that each child must be given the opportunity to express his or her wants and needs. Combining the expertise of physicians, therapists, and vendors of assistive technology, along with information from families, we develop individual recommendations that may lead to optimal communication and independence for each child.

Encouraging mobility: Equally important to an independent lifestyle is mobility. Being able to move without the help of others is the ideal. Physical fitness is critical to promote mobility and help prevent side effects such as chronic pain, fracturesscoliosis, or hip dislocation. In addition to traditional therapy, the Cerebral Palsy Center has developed a unique sports and rehabilitation program for children with cerebral palsy. We believe that sports like basketball, swimming, dance, and martial arts can improve fine motor skills, muscle stiffness, and coordination, while at the same time stimulating life- long interest in physical activity.

For more information on the diagnosis and treatment of cerebral palsy call 314.454.5437 or 800.678.5437 or email us.

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