The Cochlear Implant Program at St. Louis Children's Hospital is happy to provide additional internet and assistive device resources for our families.

Internet Resources

Assistive Devices

Amplified Alarm Clock – These alarm clocks have adjustable volumes and can produce a louder alarm than typical alarm clocks.

Vibrating Alarm Clock – This alarm clock has a portion that can be placed under your pillow to vibrate instead of producing an audible alarm.

Vibrating Alarm Watch – This is a wrist-watch that can be set to vibrate and flash as an alarm.

Alerting Systems – These systems can be hooked up to a doorbell/telephone/alarm clock to cause a lamp/strobe light to flash when the doorbell/telephone/alarm clock sounds.

Amplified Telephones – These telephones are typically available with adjustable volume controls and can produce a louder output than most telephones. There are state funded programs in Illinois and Missouri that may provide these.

Telecommunication Device for the Deaf (TTY/TDD) – Telephone system that allows you to type e-messages back and forth instead of talking and listening. There are state funded programs in Illinois and Missouri that may provide these.

Telecommunications Relay Services – Special operator that types whatever you say so that the person you are calling can read your words on his or her TTY/TDD display. The speech/hearing impaired person can type their message back to you and the Relay operator will read this aloud to you.

FM Systems – An FM system consists of a microphone that the teacher wears and a receiver that the child wears. There will be specific receivers that go with each cochlear implant device and hearing aid. A specific recommendation on the type of FM system that is best for your child will be made by your audiologist once your child enters school.

The above devices/systems can be ordered and fit by St. Louis Children's Hospital audiologists. Please contact them with inquiries or concerns at your next appointment or call them at 314.454.2201.