Daily follow-up after discharge

Once a patient is discharged, our physicians and diabetes nurse educators are in daily contact with the patient and family, sometimes several times each day. Often, our patients need assistance in understanding their insulin dosage or adjusting to life at school or home. 

24-hour access

Once discharged, patients and their families at St. Louis Children’s Hospital have 24-hour access to the Diabetes Team if questions or problems arise. This commitment to our patients and families continues well after a child has been newly discharged from our hospital.

During the daytime hours, registered nurses are available to help patients and families with any question or concern they may have, and they are encouraged to call 314.454.6051 to speak to one our diabetes nurses. Families also have the comfort of contacting the team for emergencies during the evening and weekend hours. Someone from our staff is always available to our families. Often, our patients need assistance in understanding their insulin dosage or adjusting to life at school or home. Your Diabetes Education Handbook is also a great resource.

Diabetes Clinic

Patients receive regular follow-up in our Diabetes Clinic. Each patient is initially seen in the Diabetes Clinic one month following discharge from the hospital. During clinic visits, the patients’ diabetes care is closely monitored, adjustments are made to the diabetes regimen, patients are screened for diabetes-related complications and education is provided. Each member of the Diabetes Team is available during these clinic sessions. Patients usually visit the Diabetes Clinic three to four times each year.

The Diabetes Clinic is available by appointment Monday – Wednesday and Friday at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, St. Louis Children’s Specialty Care Center – West County, St. Louis Children’s Hospital Specialty Care Center – South County, Christian Hospital Northwest and Memorial Hospital Shiloh.

Insulin Pump Initiation Program

St. Louis Children’s Hospital has been helping our patients use insulin pump therapy for nearly 25 years. Today, there are more pump choices than ever before, and many children are interested in trying insulin pumps. In response to these factors, we developed the Insulin Pump Initiation Program.

Insulin pump therapy is an exciting option for many individuals with diabetes. While insulin pumps provide the opportunity to have more flexibility in the daily diabetes routine, they also require a higher level of understanding of the diabetes regime.

Insulin pump therapy is not the best choice for every patient and this choice must be discussed with your child’s endocrinologist. The switch to an insulin pump involves time and effort. This program is provided so that children starting insulin pump therapy will have the skills to safely enjoy the flexibility the pump provides while achieving and maintaining excellent overall blood sugar control.