The Down Syndrome Center sees patients as soon as they are diagnosed with Down syndrome. In some cases, a diagnosis is made prenatally, and a family may visit the Center before their child is born.

Initial visit

During your first visit, your child will be evaluated by a multi-disciplinary team of specialists that will include physicians, therapists, audiologists and social work. A complete medical history will be taken and a care plan designed specific to your child’s needs. Your initial visit may take several hours. Our expert staff can estimate the length of your visit when making the appointment.

Working with your primary care physician

The Down Syndrome Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital will work closely with your primary care physician to ensure proper integration of specialty care with ongoing treatment. In most cases, we will generate a report summarizing your child’s visit so your primary care physician can continue to provide your child the best possible health care based on our assessment of your child and his or her unique needs.