The term lambdoid craniosynostosis (also called lambdoid synostosis) refers to the premature fusion of bones near the back of an infant’s skull. Lambdoid synostosis is a type of craniosynostosis. At St. Louis Children’s Hospital, we’ve been treating lambdoid synostosis for more than 35 years.

What Is Lambdoid Synostosis?

This condition occurs when the bones at the back of an infant’s skull close up or fuse together prematurely. Normally, the bones of the skull close after reaching adulthood.

With lambdoid synostosis, the bones at the base of the skull fuse too soon. This can cause issues with the baby’s appearance and with the development of the child’s brain.

We advise parents to treat lambdoid synostosis as soon as possible, preferably before their baby is six months old. This helps avoid brain development complications.

When a baby is treated early, our skilled surgeons can use minimally invasive endoscopic surgery.

How Is Lambdoid Synostosis Treated?

If your child is diagnosed with lambdoid synostosis, he or she will need surgery. We offer two types of equally successful surgeries for lambdoid synostosis:

Is There a Non-Surgical Option to Treat Lambdoid Synostosis?

Surgery is the only way to separate bones that have fused together. Our team at St. Louis Hospital is one of few offering minimally invasive endoscopic surgery to treat lambdoid synostosis.

Our experienced surgeons have been treating lambdoid synostosis with endoscopic repair since the program began in 2006.

What Causes Lambdoid Synostosis?

Often, lambdoid synostosis occurs for no known reason. It does not happen as a result of keeping a baby on his or her back for long periods of time.

How Is Lambdoid Synostosis Diagnosed?

No parents want to put their baby through invasive medical tests. Luckily, lambdoid synostosis often can be diagnosed with just a physical examination. Our surgeons will also order a quick, painless image (X-ray or CT scan) to aid in diagnosis.

We will give you the results the same day at your initial appointment. We know you don’t want to be kept waiting to learn if your baby has lambdoid synostosis.

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