Sometimes children don’t qualify for minimally invasive endoscopic craniosynostosis surgery. At St. Louis Children’s Hospital, our experienced surgeons have many years of experience performing traditional, open craniosynostosis procedures.

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Why Choose St. Louis Children’s Hospital for Open Craniosynostosis Repair Surgery?

Our surgeons have performed thousands of craniosynostosis repair surgeries over more than 35 years. Our pediatric surgery program features:

  • Perfect safety record. In the history of our craniosynostosis surgery program, we have never experienced a serious complication, including stroke or blindness.
  • High volume of surgeries. By performing many surgeries, our surgical team of experts have refined their practice to the highest level. We perform more craniosynostosis surgeries than any other facility in Missouri.
  • Decades of experience. Since our Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Institute was established in 1978, we have treated more than 12,000 children.
  • Other doctors look to us for leadership. Each year, our doctors train other surgeons on best practices for craniosynostosis repair.
  • Low re-operation rate. Because of the depth of experience of our surgeons, our re-operation rate for craniosynostosis surgery is very low.
  • Advanced pediatric pain management techniques. We keep patients in the hospital to ensure their comfort, well-being and safety. We provide you with all the information you need to help manage any discomfort your child experiences when they go home.
  • Multidisciplinary follow-up care throughout childhood. We don’t just discharge you and send you on your way. We continue to follow your child’s progress through age five and beyond.

What to Expect with Open Craniosynostosis Surgery at St. Louis Children’s Hospital

Open craniosynostosis surgery involves using absorbable plates and screws to hold the bones of the skull in the proper alignment. Here’s what to expect:

  1. During your initial consultation, we will perform any necessary imaging studies, give you the results and have you talk with your child’s surgeon to discuss treatment options. You probably will leave with a surgery date already scheduled.
  2. When you arrive for surgery, you will meet with an anesthesia provider and other team members who will explain the next steps. Eventually, your child will go back into the operating suite with a nurse.
  3. After surgery is finished, the surgeon will find you in the waiting room to discuss the surgery. Your child will spend a little time waking up from anesthesia and then will be transferred to the intensive care unit for overnight observation.  Children are usually discharged home within three to five days after surgery.
  4. When your child is discharged, you will go home with all the post-op instructions you need to keep your baby safe and comfortable. You will also be able to directly call an experienced craniofacial physician at any hour with questions or concerns.

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