When your child has multiple sclerosis or another demyelinating disease, access to the latest treatment breakthroughs is essential.

While there is currently no cure for these diseases, clinicians at the Washington University Pediatric MS & Demyelinating Diseases Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital provide expert guidance on treatment options to manage symptoms and slow progression.

The center’s team focuses its clinical and research efforts on understanding, diagnosing and treating diseases that affect the myelin sheath, the protective covering of neurons. These diseases are known as demyelinating diseases because of the process of demyelination, which damages the myelin sheath and affects the nerves ability to send and receive signals. This damage is what causes the symptoms of MS and other demyelinating diseases.

Because any part of the body can be affected, demyelinating diseases can be difficult to diagnose and treat. As one of only 12 centers of excellence in the U.S., our center provides the expertise needed to tackle these complex diseases.

Why Choose the MS and Demyelinating Diseases Center?

Our experts provide evaluation and multidisciplinary treatment for the full spectrum of common and rare demyelinating diseases. That means they have the expertise needed to start addressing your child’s symptoms as soon as possible.

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